vision 2025

Vision 2025 – The Future of Royal Port Moresby Golf Club

Good day all,
What you are looking at above is concept drawings on a proposal to take our club into the future. This is far from complete, and we will always keep you and all of our members up to date with everything associated with this project. 

Foremost we would appreciate any feedback whatsoever from you – our members. Naturally this project will not progress without the support and backing of you. In the new year we will hold a Special Annual General meeting to discuss all the feedback that we receive and to put this to a vote. Your time and feedback is most valuable so we hope you have a say in where you want us to take our club forward into the future.  

A couple of areas to point out to begin with:


  • Completely new clubhouse with basement carpark and buggy parking
  • Proposed Clubhouse to feature dedicated “Members Only” facilities and Sports Bar
  • Conference and Meeting Facilites  
  • On top of the proposed Clubhouse sits a 210 room/7 story Residential Hotel
  • Along the current 12th (old 17th) and 6th holes proposed 32 Duplexes
  • Along the current 10th (old 15th) 19 2-bedroom villas
  • A second Residential tower housing 70-80 apartments across 8 floors
  • 47 600sqm Luxury Residential housing lots on and around the hill directly behind our current Clubhouse. 
  • Members will receive 1st rights to purchase any of the apartments, villas, duplexes and housing lots


It is currently proposed that we would commence the project on the new Clubhouse and the duplexes situated along the current 12th in Stage 1 and have this completed in time for the 50th Anniversary of PNG Independance, followed by the Golf Club villas along the current 10th. Proposed Stages 3 and 4 would be the 2nd Residential tower followed by the luxury housing lots and finishing with the duplex lots along the 6th hole. 

Again, we need your feedback on this proposal please whether it is good or bad and we will provide ample notice before we hold the Special AGM within the 1st quarter of 2023. 

Please email your feedback to along with any questions you may also have. 

Again, we appreciate your time and will continue to share more and more information with you all. The concepts drawings are also on display on our noticeboard, and we will continue to place updates here aswell.

Josh Dixon
General Manager